Tax Assistance

  • Child Tax Credit (CTC): Reduces federal tax obligation by up to $1000 per qualifying child under 17, based on adjusted gross income. Call your tax advisor or Human Service at 509-647-6519.
  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC): A refundable federal tax credit for people with low to moderate incomes, to help individuals and families improve their standard of living. Taxpayers must meet certain eligibility requirements and file a tax return. Human Services: 508-647-6519.
  • Elderly & Disabled Taxation Fund: This program is funded by voluntary contributions to support qualifying Natick taxpayers. Contact the Assessor's Office at 508-647-6420 to learn more or to apply.
  • Property Tax Circuit Breaker: For qualifying seniors, the Property Tax Circuit Breaker may reduce your state income taxes by up to $960, or give you a rebate. Call the Council on Aging at 508-647-6540.
  • Property Tax Exemptions: Natick offers tax exemptions for seniors, veterans, legally blind and other qualifying taxpayers to the fullest extent allowed by state law. Requirements vary for different exemptions. Contact the Assessors at 508-647-6420 for information and assistance.
  • Tax Abatements: Residents who believe that their real estate, motor vehicle or personal property was incorrectly assessed may contact the Assessors to request an abatement through an appeal process. The appeal period varies based on the particular tax. Call the Assessors at 508-647-6420.
  • Tax Deferral Program: Qualifying homeowners age 65+ may defer all or part of their property taxes until the property is sold or transferred. The town then receives deferred taxes plus 4.5% annual interest. Contact the Assessors at 508-647-6420.
  • Tax Work-off Program: Qualifying homeowners age 60+ and veterans of any age may earn a property tax discount for working in a Town office, doing rewarding work that helps the community. The rate is $9/hour. Call the Council on Aging at 508-647-6540.